Pictures were taken on 27 & 30 January 2015.

It has been two and a half months since the corals on the mesh bed have been transplanted in the Villimale’ nursery. And two months for the corals on rebar frame beds.

It takes a lot of effort by volunteers to clean out the algae that compete for space with the corals in the absence of or lack of herbivorous fish. And this is how much they have grown. It takes so much effort for them to grow, and yet it takes only a few seconds for us and is so easy to undo all that hard work.

We welcome any and all members of our community to come care for these coral at Villimale’. If we all put in a collective effort, the process of rehabilitating our reef won’t seem such a colossal task. Here is proof it is possible 🙂 Will keep posting pictures as they progress.

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