We did a clean up with Maldives Transport and Contracting Company MTCC and Anti Corruption Commission ACC in Villimale’ this Saturday 22nd August 2015. WHILE MTCC were active on the eastern side of the island, ACC collected their trash from the southern side of the island.The MTCC clean up was a challenge of segregating waste collected on the beach. More than 401 kgs of waste was collected and most of it were recyclable plastic and metals. 

The ACC too sorted their waste during collection. This sorting during collection is an effort to introduce the idea of segregation as a first step to proper waste management. 

It is fantastic that more and more corporates want to get involved in the fight against littering and coastal pollution! Thanks to MTCC, ACC and our volunteers who participated. 

It was an afternoon well spent, and fun day. 

MTCC Clean up challenge.   

 ACC Segregation of waste.