We are thrilled to announce the signing of an agreement between Save the Beach Maldives and Albatros Top Boat, who have been actively engaged in research, teaching and training on the marine environment of Maldives for the past 19 years in association with University of Genoa in Italy.

The agreement aims to promote educational and research activities, knowledge sharing and dissemination through creating specific projects.

Albatros Top Boat has organized an annual expedition in Maldives in collaboration with University of Genoa, where scientists and research students study various marine areas and have collected data for nearly two decades. They have published one book on their findings and published several articles over this time. Among their most exciting discoveries was the blue hole, which the team thoroughly studied to conclude that it had once been a cave above ground.

We are excited that this partnership which will seek to train and involve locals in this very important research. The partnership also plans to develop programs that will run continuously throughout the year.

Albatros Top Boat & Save the Beach Maldives resized Albatros Top Boat & Save the Beach Maldives signing agreement