Awareness Programs

Several activities to raise awareness on issues like reducing waste, recycling and even the marine environment have been planned for the year.

Below are a list of activities that have been planned. We will upload up to date information as activities go on.

–      Door-to-door awareness program in Villingili by the Muhyiddin students providing information on which items Save the Beach is recycling, on how to reduce waste and how to compost

– Conduct awareness programs with the schools and community.

–      Printing and distributing stickers on Recycling, Reducing and Composting.

–      Developing television infomercials on 1) reducing plastic, 2) recycling, 3) conservation of bio diversity, 4) Protected Species, 5) Composting, 6) habits to shake off; like throwing away cigarette butts and supari packets.

–      Creation of a Look & Learn Centre for providing information on the uniqueness of Maldives and why we should protect our fragile environment.

–      Putting up billboards on Villingili on; 1) Environmental Conservation and 2 ) the proper use of dustbins.

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