Sponsorship Privileges 

The Main Sponsor will be limited to a maximum of one (01) institution to ensure exclusivity of main sponsor. The option of being the Main Sponsor for the Cleanup Day event is available for MRF 100,000. The Cleanup Day will be covered extensively by the media. This sponsorship also means that you are the Main Sponsor for the Save the Beach activities as outlined in this proposal for the year 2013.

Sponsor amount: MRF 100, 000

Display of organisation logo along with the logos of Save the Beach during the event.

  • In all the event banners
  • On posters
  • As a main sponsor on all television and radio adverts and promotions for the event
  • On official event t-shirts
  • In all sponsorship banners throughout the event on three beaches.
  • During TV interviews at the event – Save the Beach spokespeople will only give interviews in front of the sponsor banner.

Recognition of your organisation’s name

  • During the speeches at the cleanup ceremony
  • During announcements in the event area
  • During TV interviews – Save the Beach spokespeople will thank the Main Sponsor
  • On social networking sites such as the Facebook page for Save the Beach
  • On the Save the Beach website as the Main Sponsor for 2013

You will also receive

Advertising space on Three (03) pairs of dustbins for a 12 month period worth MRF 45,000. You can choose the locations in which you want your adverts to be placed.


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