The Project


The project aims to conserve the natural beauty of the beaches and reefs around Villingili.

Annual cleanups will continue as always in addition to the activities outlined below. The cleanups serve as a gateway to involve the public to establish ownership of cleaning activities and a platform to raise awareness.


Beach maintenance and Cleanup (East, South West & North Stretch)

  • Placed signboards on the beaches.
  • Carried out litter/waste audit on beach and sea.
  • Placed dustbins on the three beaches. The dustbins and beaches get cleaned daily. The dustbins have been placed in pairs to introduce waste segregation which will be implemented at a later stage.

Awareness Programs

  • Several awareness programs have been carried out by Save the Beach, targeted for different ages and groups, including the opening of a Look & Learn Centre. Plans have been made to strengthen the learning centre. Please check with the blog and social media sites for details.

Safety on the beach

  • Placed buoys on the reef along with safety ropes for snorkelers

Strengthening the embankment

  • Replanting beach trees such as Magoo and Palm trees to maintain the embankment of the surviving beaches.
  • Placed semi permanent barbecue stands in South West Beach, where barbecue fires will not affect trees on the beach. Signboards have also be placed advising beach users not to light fires under the trees.

Harbour and jetty maintenance

  • Cleaning out floating garbage in the harbour, jetty and around Villingili.

Reef Maintenance

  • The Annual Cleanup Event provided a major cleanup of the reef. The placing of the dustbins on the beach and the cleaning of floating garbage around Villingili assisted greatly in reducing the amount of garbage that collects on the reef.
  • Throughout the year, and on a scheduled monthly basis, Save the Beach representatives dive to the surrounding reef, to determine how much garbage is accumulated. Depending on the amount of garbage accumulated on the reef, plans are made to cleanup the reef further. These cleanups are carried out by Save the Beach representatives and volunteer divers.

YEAR TWO – 2014

Safety on the beach

  • Signboard were put up to indicate high current areas.
  • Training lifeguards – Save the Beach hosted life guard courses in Villingili in collaboration with the Maldives Police Services and Coast Guard. The plan is to permanently place a life guard on the beach especially focused on weekends. Suitable candidates will be hired to work on the Villingili beaches by Save the Beach as funding for such is arranged.
  • Conducting First Aid Courses on the beach.

Reef Maintenance

  • Reef studies and surveys started with the assistance and collaboration of the Marine Research Centre and Ministry of Environment. Research has already started with local diving counterparts and partners along with coral propagation.
  • Repopulating reef – reef rehabilitations and projects for coral growing started.

Beach & Shoreline Maintenance and Cleanup

  • Introducing a clean fish cutting area on the beach.
  • Placing dustbins on roads near the harbours, jetty and the outermost roads.
  • Replanting shoreline vegetation in thin vegetation areas.

Awareness Programs

  • Continuing awareness programs.
  • Developing television informercials and PSAs to raise awareness on environmental impacts created through human actions and aimed to raise individual levels of responsibility.


  • Starting awareness and protection of endangered and protected species of marine creatures and birds, and continuation of existing programs.
  • Creating eco-friendly benches or green sitting areas around Villingili for families and couples to enjoy the beach and beautiful views.
  • Continuation of reef rehabilitation and research component.


The project was originally planned for a 10 year period, and plans were made for the first 3 years at the time of developing the project (which are mentioned above). Since then the project has continued successfully and have made lot of progress on keeping the beaches and reefs of Villimale’ clean, as well as raising the level of awareness within the Villimale’ community and the community of Maldives as a whole. The project will now be extended for another 10 years. A few of the targeted objectives that have not been completed, like the development of the Learning Centre is rescheduled to happen soon. Please follow our social media for updates.


At the end of each year, the project activities will be evaluated against the project schedule.


Expenses and materials for the project will be obtained through sponsorship or donors. Accounting associated with the maintenance of the beach and reef will be transparent and shared with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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